Tim Guan‑tin Chien

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A software engineer with more than a decade of fundamental knowledge on browsers, JavaScript, and the Web. Experienced in technical leadership and distributed teamwork. Top JavaScript engineer in Taiwan as measured by GitHub activities.

Technical Skills

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Apple, Sunnyvale, CA Feb 2019‑Present

Staff Software Engineer, Mozilla Firefox, Mountain View, CA Jan 2018‑Feb 2019

Implemented a Shadow DOM-based widget architecture, replacing legacy web content UIs.

Engineering Manager, Mozilla Firefox, Taipei May 2013‑Dec 2017

  • Grew the team eventually representing 1/3 of Firefox OS front-end engineering. Led the team transition to Firefox in 2016.
  • Stayed hands-on. Recognized as a Firefox “module peer” in Mozilla open source project.
  • Grew a new team of 5 Android engineers, took on Android projects. Delivered a new mobile browser app in 4 months.

Senior Front-end Engineer, Mozilla Firefox OS, Taipei Jul 2012‑Apr 2013

Feature and architecture planning: build system improvement, hi-res image support, third-party keyboard app framework, Input Method Web API, and vendor customization management.

Front-end Engineer, Mozilla Firefox OS, Taipei Nov 2011‑Jun 2012

Laid the architecture foundation of Firefox OS. Built the first “Smart Zhuyin” input method.

Digital Content Engineer, Owl Publishing, Taipei Mar 2011‑Nov 2011

PhoneGap-based eBook app for iPad. Project manager for an out-sourced iPhone app.

Research Assistant, Academia Sinica, Taipei Sep 2010‑Feb 2011

Researched decentralized web authentication and social networks under Dr. Ching-Teng Hsiao.

Notable Projects

Mozilla Firefox 57 “Quantum” experience Mar 2017‑Present

Led development of onboarding tour experience and preferences refresh. Managed 5 people.

JSZhuyinhttps://jszhuyin.timdream.org/ Nov 2011‑Present

Sole developer of the first “Smart Zhuyin” JavaScript Chinese input method that works in 128MB-RAM low-memory environments using binary data and bitwise operations.

Mozilla Firefox OS Nov 2011‑Dec 2015

  • Was top #1 committer of the repository for 4 years. “Module co-owner” of the front-end codebase.
  • Led the team to develop Settings, Keyboard, and part of the System of Firefox OS.
  • Re-factored the Keyboard code base to incorporate multi-touch sequences and Emojis while keeping code size constant. Speed up keyboard cold start-up by 20%.

HTML5 Word Cloudhttps://wordcloud.timdream.org/ 2009‑Present

An HTML5 demo that incorporated text processing, Canvas2DContext API, OAuth2 integration with Google+, and Facebook API. 80k “Likes” on Facebook, two press coverages. Used Travis CI. Received occasional contributions.


B. Sc., Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan Jun 2009

Customized WordPress-based website, featuring physics demonstration contents and videos. Top go-to website for Physics education in Taiwan. Accumulated 328k unique visitors during its lifetime.

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