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簡冠庭, a.k.a. “timdream”, “提姆.提拉米蘇


Greeting! My name is Tim, I am a Front‐end Web Developer and an Open Web Advocate.

I realise dreams.

Contact me at this address, e‐mail or Jabber (GMail Chat).

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Demo & Work

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JSZhuyin IME (JS 注音輸入法)

Since Nov 2011, re-released in Jul 2013

An “intelligent” Chinese Zhuyin IME for mobile, entirely developed in JavaScript.

Input method is a piece of software for users of East Asian languages to type, since you cannot really put a thousand of characters on a keyboard. JSZhuyin is an implementation of the Zhuyin input method, in which it would convert the typed Bopomofo symbols to Traidional Chinese characters. The “intelligence” refers it’s ability to guess the desired phrases for the user.

The project is the first implementation of input method in JavaScript to offer the “intelligence” capability. Being written entirely in JavaScript also means it does not require network connection and server logic, contrary to many online services.

The project was first developed in Gaia during December 2011. In July 2013, I picked up as a personal project and rewritten it to make it more rebust and efficient, usable on low-end hardware. demonstration can be found here. The IME have also been wrapped as a Firefox add-on, usable on desktop.

I did a talk about this project in COSCUP 2013.

Initially for Mozilla, a personal project since.

  • JavaScript
  • Web Workers
  • IndexedDB (removed)
  • AppCache
Boot2Gecko: Gaia (Firefox OS User Interface)

Since Nov 2011

A phone user interface entirely written in web technologies, with a set of client-side web applications driven by non-trivial JavaScript logic.

On November 2011 I joined Boot2Gecko project in Mozilla. The purpose of the project is to make a revolutionary operating system that runs web applications as “native” apps. It has since been branded as Firefox OS. The front-end, “Gaia”, is responsible of the entire system user interface and also a set of built-in phone features, such as dialer, messenger, e-mail web apps.

I am the top early committer of the project, responsible of first implementations of system (window management, transitions, lock screen, etc.), keyboard, and message apps. I have since move on, managing a team of dozen of developers in Taipei, and provide technical leadership, laying out implementation plans, while making sure the project align with the product goal.


  • Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko)
  • Web Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management
COSCUP 2011 Web & Mobile Web

June 2011

Deliver the best possible experience on modern browsers and devices by introducing responsive design and HTML5 technologies.

The 2011 website the largest open source conference in Taiwan. Responsible for the overall planning and the front‐end engineering.

The website adopts responsive design, mobile layout reveals automatically when necessary. The website itself is an iOS Web App, which seamlessly integrates into the Home Screen. It also features APIs of the event information, enabling third party apps to showcase the event. The work has been selected by COSCUP organising team as one of the feature mobile apps, and receive applause from invited speakers like Paul Rouget.


  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Web Design
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • Twitter API
  • Plurk API
  • Google GData API
  • HTML5 History API
  • jQuery
HTML5 Word Cloud

Initial released in March 2011, updated in June 2013

Information visualization project not just for HTML5 techies but for everyone.

An HTML5 information visualization toy that fetches textual contents from APIs, retrieves words and terms, and paints. Inspired by Wordle.

OAuth 2.0 is implemented to fetch Facebook and Google+ content, and term frequency is calculated by running customized N‐gram algorithm for Chinese scripts, and Porter Stemming Algorithm for English.

HTML5 Word Cloud has resulted 49k+ “likes” on Facebook, an article, and the algorithm has been adopted for a humane and history study to retrive information on early‐20th century Chinese newspapers.

The work was re-written, re-released on June 2013. The rewritten version splits code into app, graphics library, text corpus library, adding test cases, and adopting engineering practices I have since learned.

  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Visualization
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • HTML5 FileReader API
  • HTML5 Web Workers
  • Google Feed API
  • Yahoo Query Language (removed)
  • Facebook JavaScript SDK
  • Google+ API
  • OAuth 2.0
  • jQuery (removed)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Grunt
NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab


Highly customized WordPress themes and plug‐ins, video and rich‐content intergration.

Demonstration experiments is one of the most effect way to deliver physics knowledge in class. NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab website is an effort to bring the demonstrations beyond classrooms, making the content available on the web, helping teachers and students around the world to explore.

NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab

  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • oEmbed Consumer & Provider
  • Video Transcoding
  • Offline CD‐ROM
GFX: Personal Firefox Promotion Platform


Embedded the core value of the product within the compaign site: customization and user experience.

“GFX” is a community‐based campaign for promoting Firefox, the open source browser. The core idea is simple: if Firefox is fast and customizable, why shouldn’t something that promotes it aren’t? To honor the idea, GFX is built for user to make their own “product intro page”, featuring their favorite Firefox introductions, and list of extensions of their choice.

Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW)

  • CodeIgniter PHP Framework
  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • OpenID
  • Interaction Design
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Facebook Sharing Integration
  • HTML5 postMessage
  • binary XMLHttpRequest
Filmaker Editor

February 2009

Rich front‐end web application, complete business operation procedure intergration.

Filmaker is a small web business that convert user‐submitted photos into positive films, as a personalized gift, and a capsule of memories. I was asked to develop the front‐end editor for customer and console for order status, etc.

The application is almost entirely client‐side based, and covered the entire business operation flow, significantly transform the labor‐intensive business into semi‐automated operation. As a result, Filmaker outbid competitors in pricing, and is currently dominated the Taiwanese market for the similar products.


  • MooTools
  • SWFUpload
  • PHP GD

May 2007

Bring HTA “hack” to daily use, leveraging its ability to break same‐origin policy.

Wretch is a social network service from Yahoo! Taiwan unfamously known to put to many advertisements on their website.

WretchLeech is a 40k HTML Application that show the photo albums in a neater way. It breaks the same‐origin security policy, runs ajax requests, extracts image URLs, reconstructs the layout, and displays the images, all on their own domain.

The application received noteworthy attention on Internet, referred on the BusinessNext magazine. It’s currently unmaintained since Wretch eventually lost its edge with Facebook.

  • HTML Application (HTA)
  • MooTools
Stellarium Chinese Language Add-on

December 2006

Enabling students and teachers across the country the access to the best free open source software planetarium software by providing localized settings pack.

Being a astronomy hobbyist and a free/open source geek, I came across Stellarium a long time ago. It troubled me that there was no easy way to configure the localized font, and the fact that people is unaware the location simulation feature the software provides. Hence, I made this add-on pack that made everything easy — with this tool, people can enable the locale UI and set the geographic location to Taiwan with only a few click.

The impact of this tool was phenomenal: high school teachers across the country use the software to introduce Earth-Sun relations and celestial movement to their students. Once in an amateur astronomer gathering, my name was being recognized by people I'd never met. Stellarium (with my settings) is often shown on news reports and books when related to celestial events such as astronomical conjunctions.

The same settings was later implemented to LasyScripts, which is a script collection for configurate Debian/Ubuntu Linux with localized settings.

  • Inno Setup (Windows)
  • Shell scripting
Memory Works Editor

July 2011

Personalise film builder. Featuring PHP backend for image processing and font rending.

Memory Works

  • Customised Workflow Integration
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • SWFUpload
  • binary XMLHttpRequest
  • PHP GD

June 2011

An Wikipedia user script that enables the doubters to add [citation needed] to selected text. A tribune to Chinese Wikipedia and small contribution to the encyclopedia from a Web Developer.

  • MediaWiki User Script
  • MediaWiki API
COSCUP 2011 Landing Page

March 2011

Placeholder page for COSCUP 2011, replaced by the full website when it launches. Features an image cloud from 2010 photos.


  • jQuery
  • Yahoo Query Language
  • CSS3
HTML5 AJAX File Upload

September 2010

jQuery plug‐in that upgrades the built‐in ajax function into a binary upload compatible one. Access local file with standard HTML5 methods and also legacy Gecko methods. A talk was given to introduce the challenges.

  • jQuery
  • jQuery plug‐in authoring
  • HTML5 FileReader API
  • HTML5 FormData Interface
  • binary XMLHttpRequest
The Conference on Physics Teaching and Demonstration 2010

January 2010

WordPress‐based site featuring theme customisation and page fragment loading.

Department of Physics, NCU



Landing page and portal for physics related site in National Central University.

NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab

Website of Science Education Center, National Central University

May 2008

WordPress‐based site featuring theme customisation.

Science Education Center, NCU

NCU Logo Maker

November 2007

Small server‐side app that rewrites the name of the college on the logo.

NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab

July 2006

First generation of the website. Renewed by 2nd version in 2010.

NCU Physics Demonstrations Lab

  • prototype.js
  • script.aculo.us
  • Video Transcoding
  • Offline CD‐ROM
Graduation of SSSH Class 2004


Early DHTML work features videos from high school graduation.

Publication & Talk

Curriculum Vitæ is available at LinkedIn.

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