Timothy Guan‑tin Chien·@timdream

Owl Publishing 2011

Owl Publishing was an established publishing house, itself being under the bigger Cité Publishing Group. The director of the publisher was keen to make his move finding a way to publish digitally, given the shrinking paper publishing business.

Digital Publishing turned out to be a much larger topic than what my position could do. I worked on a PhoneGap-based iOS application for e-book publishing, and it became apparent with the limited resource and the one man team, I would not be able to take it anywhere. The publisher had been kept afloat by the revenue from the existing paper publishing business, which was demoralizing to me.

Months into my employment, I was told about the intention of Mozilla Corporation to set up a new office in Taipei, to grow the team for the new Firefox OS project. Learned about its groundbreaking technical aspect, I put forward my résumé and became the first front-end engineering hire in Taipei, and the ninth employee of the newly established office.