Timothy Guan‑tin Chien·@timdream

HTML5 Word Cloud

HTML5 Word Cloud was a web technology demonstration that process text corpus into a word list, and leverages Canvas2DContext API to layout the list into a “word cloud.”

This is a live canvas, reload to get a different arrangement.

It started back when I was working on Firefox localization. I was trying to access the quality of the UI text corpus with some simple natural language processing tricks.

It accidentally gained popularity and grew into a full-fledged client-side web application when I added features allowing users to pull texts from their social networks. I did that by incorporating OAuth 2 integration with Google+, Facebook API integration, and Google Feed API.

To promote reusability, the web application has since split into different libraries, wordcloud2.js, and wordfreq.js, each represents the canvas rendering and the text corpus generation features.

Unfortunately, I had to remove many of the social media integration features when various APIs shuts down which prevented me from accessing their user data.

I made sure the code is reusable for other developers by complete the repositories with documentation, test cases, and continuous integration with Travis CI. It still receives occasional contributions on GitHub to this day.